Welcome to the frequently asked questions section: FAQ
2. What is the photo’s style do you realize?
We realize art photography, in that we mix up reportage, art photos and our own taste, which originates both from a deep knowledge about the biggest photographers all over the history and from the love for cinema and art.
3. How much in advance do I have to contact you?
You decide. It would be proper at least 5/6 months before the event. It could happen, however, that the date you have chosen is available also a couple of weeks before.
3. Do you work for more than one wedding a day?
Absolutely Not! MOMM is not the classic studio which commits itself with more weddings in a day. Every year we accept a limited number of requests in order to best concentrate ourselves on each event making it unique and perfect. We will entirely follow your wedding, as regards both the photo shoots phase, and eventually the video one, and images’ post production phase.
Can we meet you before making a reservation?
Of course; we think that it’s very important know each other before going ahead with the recruitment. We can meet either in our studio in Sicily or, if you’re away, by Skype.
5. In what Italian areas do you work?
Our studio is in Sicily, and here we have realized shoots for a lot of couples coming from outside. Of course, we work in all the Italian regions.
6. Are you willing to move abroad?
Absolutely yes, we love travelling and knowing new cultures.
7. What is the surcharge in case of displacement?
It has to be defined.
8. How long we have to wait before seeing the photos?
Generalmente la consegna del servizio avviene dai 6 ai 12 mesi.
9. Will we be free to print wherever we want?
We work in partnership with two of the best album manufacturing company in Italy, but you won’t have any contractual commitment with us, so you can print wherever you want, because for each service it is foreseen the delivery of all the photos at the best resolution.
10. Do you have any system to share photos either online or just with us?
Yes, there’s a section in our website in which you can enter in an exclusive way thanks to a password we will provide you.
11. Are you insured?
Yes, I am.
12. Do you make video too?
Yes, we ourselves deal with the video part, in our team there are highly qualified videographers. Of course, in this case too you will be free to choose outer video makers. However, we suggest you to carefully choose them following these guidelines: - they have not be more than 2; - they can’t use extra lights since both the atmosphere and the real colors would be ruined, if not in exceptional cases.
13. How many photos will you make at our wedding?
There are no limits to the number of photos made during the shooting day. The using of digital reflex allows me the highest creativity and the ongoing research of particulars, situations and events during your wedding day, always with the great deal of discretion
14. Who does choose the photos for the post-production?
We will choose the photos that will be post-produced, but keep calm! We post produce almost all the photos, with the exception of repetitions, closed eyes and unpredictable moved.
15. Wherever we want the album too, who does choose the photos that will be printed?
Faremo noi una prima selezione che poi sarà naturalmente sottoposta al vostro giudizio e sarete assolutamente liberi di apportare modifiche
16. Do you deliver all the original copies?
We usually deliver to you all the post-produced photos in jpg, we keep the original ones that we will give you on request.
17. We have seen a lot of photos on the website and on the blog, do you ever ask for the release in order to use the images?
Yes, we always ask for the release because for us it’s crucial being able to communicate on the web the job we do.
18. Do you work only with ambient light or also with artificial lights?
In 99% of cases, we work with ambient light, but in extreme circumstances we are forced to use the artificial one.
19. In the photos you present there are a lot of interactions between the resumed subjects, we can see that a lot of things happen, people are happy, smile, dance and hug each other, get emotional and enjoy themselves. Are you good at catching these moments or they are the weddings to be so funny and exciting?
The photo-journalistic style is strictly linked to what happens; photographer’s skill lays into anticipating the action and catch it with the camera.
20. How do you store our photos? Will you make a backup?
We use cameras provided of a double slot for memory cards, meaning that as soon as we shoot, we already have your photos’ backup. At the end of the shooting day, we make a second backup on a Nas and on Cloud.
21. Can we send you a list of photos we would like you to shoot during our wedding day?
We’re sorry, we don’t work in this way. In order to express our creativity, we can’t have any directions, since if we feel them as constrictions, we won’t live your day peacefully. However, if you have any specific requests about friends and relatives’ group photos, we will be happy in making them, in fact this could be useful if you want to be sure that all the important persons have at least one photo.
22. Do we have to provide for your meals?
Yes, please!