MOMM study, acronym for Memories Of Magic Moments, was born in 2016 after the idea of Antonio Bonifacio to create a forge of talents who dealt with photography and video.
He met Alessandra Mercorillo, with whom he shared same ideas and goals. They both trained in arts: Antonio is an architect, Alessandra graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Together they form an explosive team that immediately stands out for the remarkable creative ability. Further on the team has expanded, thanks to the collaboration of Silvia Criscione, Giovanni Dierna (social media manager) and Andreina Moschetti (graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts too).
Today MOMM study is probably one of the most important in Sicily concerning the production of impactful images and the professionalism of a very competent team.

Antonio Bonifacio The boss; he is the founder of MOMM Studio. After his third coffee, he becomes an excellent professional, he can photograph every moment with a great mastery. ANFM selected photography, he loves the photo-journalistic style, as well as portraits and pasta with sardine; he is creative.

Alessandra Mercorillo || The video queen, she sees what others don’t. She narrates and conveys true emotions with a great naturalness; her skill and sensitivity are equal only to her performance anxiety; she is a genius.

Andreina Moschetti || She makes photos with the boss, it isn’t easy at all, but she’s good at dodging the blows. Her photos are intimate and dreamy; she loves her job nearly as much as an artisanal blonde; she’s multifaceted.

Giovanni Dierna || From desk to the clouds, when he is in studio he deals with social media, when he is in the field he is our drone pilot. His reckless manoeuvres are legendary; his shots worth the Oscar. He’s the joker.

Silvia Criscione || She assists Alessandra. She realizes wonderful shots, but what impresses us is her ability to manage up to three cameras while making a call and sipping a passito. She’s quite multitasking.